from Turkey to France
From Şimal to Iliane,
I think Iliane is blonde,she has got short straight fair hair,she has got Brown eyes and hasn't got glasses.she is tallish and medium weight and she is beautiful.she is tidy,cheerful,friendly,reliale,sensitive,hardworking,confident,active and funny.she likes basketball and volleyball and she loves doing shopping.she doesn’t like football.she hasn’t got a pet.

From Cem to Antoine,
I think Antoine is tall and medium weight.he has got curly Brown hair and Brown eyes.He hasn’t got glasses or freckles.He has got casual clothes.He is friendly,reliable,honest and sensitive.He likes football,basketball but he dislikes taking exams.I think he has a dog.

From Bilge to Justine,
I think Justine is blonde.She has got long straight hair and blue eyes.She has got freckles on her face.She is tall and thin.She is very beautiful.She likes shopping .She loves Justin BieberJShe wears Supra sneakers.She has got a cat.She follows fashion.She is sportive and active.She is very friendly and sweet.

From Kardelen to Emma,
I think Emma is blonde.She is tall and medium weight.She has got brown wavy hair and green eyes.She loves shopping.She is trendy.She likes swimming and reading books.She is hardworking.She is good friends with JustineJ.She has got a brother.She has got glasses.She is very beautiful.She loves spending time wih her friends.She is imaginativee and compassionate.I think she has got a small pet.(maybe a hamsterJ)

From Sinem to Louis,
I think Louis has got brown hair and brown eyes. He is tall. He is friendly and happy. He likes football and basketball. His hair is wavy. He hasn’t got a pet but he likes them. He is thin. He likes watching film, reading book and playing computer games. His favorite colour is blue.