The pair No. 1
Dorotea - Alexandra

I´m Dorotea from Rijeka. I think you are a beautiful girl, with brown long hair,blue eyes and nice shiny teeth. You are sure very friendly and a good pupil. You love eat sausages with vegetables and for desert a cake. I don´t now, but I think you love to do balet and walking to the town with your friends.
Goodbye, Dorotea.

Alexandra- Dorotea

So I imagine Dorote Guačic
I think your name sounds as you was born in the autumn and I think you are playing an instument like guitar.
In my opinion you like to go swimming and that you have brown hairs and blue eyes.
I think you have a really sweet dog and two brothers.
Your favourite food is pizza and your favourite drink is apple juice.
You are an animal friend and your favourite colour is purple.
I think your favourite actor is Jonny Depp and your favourite day of the week is Saturday.
I also think that you later want to be an actress


I´m Dorotea. I´m twelve and I´m in the seventh grade. I have a long,blond curly hair. I´m not very tall. I have small nose.I love eat pizza from my dad who is eletrician but he love

spend a time in kitchen in a free time. My hoby is karate and I have a brown belt. Very much I love my brother Lorenzo who is five years old. I´ve got a lot of friends. My best friend is Tara.



The pair No. 2
Luka- Clemens

I`m very interesting in who you are J. I know you are now 13 because you were born in March 2000. I am sure you are as good kid as I am. You maybe have a blond hair, but I am not good guessing things. You probably love football because a lot of other children do. You must love jokes, everybody love them. I believe you love adventure films .You may have a big house in city with a big lovely room. I surly hope you are not disappointed I chose you.
Nice marks want you,Luka Marinić.


My name is Luka Marinić. I was born on 22. april 2000. so I`m 13 years old now. I have a blond hair and blue eyes. Live in little town called Viškovo near Rijeka. I`m going in the seventh grade but I don`t like school very much. I`m not so good in maths and croatian but I like geography. I love climbing very much and I climb since 2008. I also like playing war games on ps3 – my favourite is Black ops 2 but I also play some others... I enjoy in some funny series like Two and a half man, Big bang theory every day...There is no much things to say about me, I am ordinary child.
Nice marks want you,
Luka Marinić

The pair No. 3
Mia Tena- Hannah

I imagine Hannah as thirteen year old girl with short blond curly hair and big light green eyes. She is one cheerful and a bit all over the place girl, stubborn and rebellicus for things she wants to achive. She is a good student and big lover of geography. In free time she goes to hip- hop classes and her style is all under the influance of hip- hop music. She dresses in baggy clothes, because she finds it comfotable and cool. As every teenager lattely, she loves to spend time on facebook and social networks but of course spend time with her friends outside of house. She lives in a nice, big house with her mother and father. They are well situated family and next to the house they have ranch with 3 horses. I forgot to add that Hannah is a big lover of horses and horse ridding. After hip- hop classes she usually rides horse named Blu. Blu is her favorite black arabian horse. She have a big dream to achive in future. The dream is to win on horse racing competition in United Kingdom. Hannah is a big dreamer, she also would like to move one day in UK and be a famous dancer, horse rider and versatile artist.
That how I imagine Hannah.

Hannah-Mia Tena

So I imagine Mia Vurdelja (13)

Your name sounds as if you are born in the winter. You play an instrument, maybe piano. You love swimming and in my opinion you’ve got blond hair und blue eyes. You are good at school and you’ve got pets at home, maybe rabbits or birds… You have got one sister, I think that she’s older than you. Your favourite food are noodleswith tomato sauce. Yor favourite drink is orange juice or apple juice. Your favourite colour is pink and your favourite actor is Jonny Depp. Your favourite season is the spring and your favourite day of the week is Saturday. You are left-handed and you want to become a pilot.
In my opinion you are a nice and cool girl!
Yours Hannah J

The pair No. 4

Dora- Oskar

Oskar has blue eyes and brown hair. He likes basketball, hamburgers, video games, especially war games... He plays guitar and he is very good at it. He trains football and he really loves that sport. Oskar is very tall. He is 169 cm tall. Oskar is the tallest and the oldest in his class. He is 13 years old. His favourite school subject is math, but he hates German. When he grows up, he wants to be math profesor. He likes animals especially lions. Sometimes he reminds me on that animal because he likes to be leader in all games. In his class everybody love him because he is really good friend.

Oskar- Dora

Dora has green eyes and brown hair. She likes Athletics and swiming. She is 1,65 meters tall. She plays the piano. She is 13 years old. Dora can sing very well and she always hears music and like it.
She likes Pizza and Spaghetti.
You are not a vegetarian. You are one of the youngest in your class. I don't think that you are the smallest but you aren't the biggest, too. Your favorite animal is the dog. You have got a dog, too. You have many friends in your class but you do not like all.
You chat much but you don't play so many games. Your favourite school subject is English but you don't like Maths. I hope I'm right with your hobbies.


I have brown eyes and long brown hair. I like basketball and tenis.Tenis is my favourite sport because I train it. I play violine and I like it. In my class I'm the youngest. I'm 12 years old and I'm 161 cm tall. My best movie is Star Wars and I have a video game Star Wars. My favourite school subject is geography, but I don't like math. When I grow up, I would like to be doctor. I like animals very much. My favourite animal is cheetah. I like them because they are the fastest animals in the world. On summer, I'm going on some island in Croatia with my family and it's always fun.

The pair No. 5

Martin- Linus

I don't know what I'm going to write but I will do my best. I know you are born in 2000. In our school system you would be in 6th grade but I don' t know how that goes in your school system. I think you have a brother but I'm not sure. A lot of young danse so I think you dance, too. I think that you are good at maths as all boys are. And that will be all I don't know what to write any more.

Linus- Martin

Martin is a tall boy. He is very sporty and is very creative. I think he is a clever boy and he’s good at school. He is very good at English, because he works on the Comenius Project. He plays football and he is the goal keeper. Also he surfs in the Mediterranean Sea near Rijeka. I think Martin is a boy, who spends a lot of his time outside to play with his friends. He is a polite and nice boy and is a great friend.