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Smiling pictures

  • Tenerife is asking...
  • How does she feel ?
  • Explorar0003.jpg

  • Wales is answering...................she's in love with his hairstyle and wishes that she could have hair like that !

  • Now Wales is asking Tenerife .........
  • How do you think he feels ?

  • welsh picture 3.JPG
    welsh picture 3.JPG
  • Tenerife is answering... He feels angry.

  • Wales is now asking Tenerife .....
  • And how do you think he feels ?
  • welsh picture 4.JPG
    welsh picture 4.JPG
  • Tenerife is answering .......... He is thoughtful.

  • Lastly, Wales is asking Tenerife......

  • How do you think this girl feels ?
  • welsh picture 1.JPG
    welsh picture 1.JPG
  • Tenerife is answering ...... She is afraid or amazed.


  • The pair No. 1

  • My name is Yohai and I have to describe Shaye.I think you are a boy. You have got brown short hair, a little mouth, brown eyes and your skin is white. I think you have lots of friends and you are a good child.

  • The pair No. 2

  • My name is Javier and I have to describe Boaz.You are a tall boy with black hair. You have got small eyes and mouth . I also think you are good playing football and quite friendly. I want to meet you one day.

The pair No. 3
My name is Ahimán and I have to describe Oliver.Oliver is tall and very funny. He has got brown short hair, big ears and brown eyes. You like writing on Ipad´s and you play computer games. Your favourite colour is blue and you like going to school. You are good at studying. Your favourite subject is Gymnastics.

The pair No. 4
My name is Desireé and I have to describe Scarlett.Scarlett is tall and pretty. She has brown eyes, blonde hair, a small mouth and ears. I´m sure that you are a kind person and a good friend. You like playing with dolls and you listen to music.

  • The pair No. 5

  • My name is Raquel and I have to describe khalid.I'm imaging that you are brown, tall, with dark eyes and a kind person. I can say you are from Morocco (although somebody has told me you are from Saudi Arabia). I think you are the same age as me and you like playing football. Your favourite footballer is Messi.


Our Welsh ideas about Desiree from TenerifeWe think that Desiree likes fish, swimming, music, smoothies and the beach. We also think she has green eyes, brown hair and a big smile. We think she isn’t skinny or fat but just right ! We think she’s pretty and she loves the sun. We think her favourite colour is blue and her favourite animal is a dog. She is a big fan of animal. She also wears ear-rings but doesn’t wear glasses. We think Desiree enjoys having fun and gets on well with others.
2013-07-21 22.15.49.jpg
2013-07-21 22.15.49.jpg

  • Our Welsh ideas about Javier of TenerifeThis is Javier and he is from Tenerife. He is 10 years old. We think he has blue eyes, freckles,
  • long, brown hair and brown skin. We think he likes table tennis, volleyball and swimming. We think he’s chatty, kind and a cool person to know.

2013-07-21 22.16.23.jpg
2013-07-21 22.16.23.jpg

Our Welsh ideas of Ahiman of TenerifeThis is Ahiman. We know he is 10 years old and think that he likes to play football. We also think that he is tall. Ahiman may have brown hair and brown eyes and we think he originally came from Africa. We think that Ahiman is kind, happy , helpful and sporty and has dark skin. He is probably the captain of the football team.
2013-07-21 22.23.53.jpg
2013-07-21 22.23.53.jpg

Our Welsh ideas about Celia of TenerifeThis is Celia from Tenerife. She’s got fair hair and she’s tall and blue eyed. She’s 8 years old. We think her favourite colour is red. She likes playing football, swimming and skipping.She is kind, positive, shy and quiet. She has many friends. We think she also likes hearts and flowers, as well as sailing and fishing.
2013-07-21 22.22.13.jpg
2013-07-21 22.22.13.jpg

Our Welsh ideas about Yohai of TenerifeWe think that Yohai is a nice, calm and considerate person. We also think that he likes football and he is quite popular and has lots of friends. In addition to this, we think that he has brown or black hair, brown eyes and pale skin. We think that he's an adventurous boy who enjoys a challenge.
2013-07-21 22.17.48.jpg
2013-07-21 22.17.48.jpg

Our Welsh ideas about Raquel of TenerifeWe think that Raquel is a tall girl with long black hair and dark eyes. We think that she is a friendly, funny and outgoing person who gets on well with others. We also think that she is interested in reading adventure books and likes swimming. Raquel likes listening to music, singing and also plays the guitar!

  • Comenius project in TENERIFE:



  • Smiling Story... "The Magic Goblin" written by...

Eva Berga Puerto (10 years old) and Desireé Cristina Díaz Álvarez (10 years old), 5th grade.


5th grade children have been working on the meaning of SMILES. Some students took pictures from magazines, have done their own drawings or others have also shown them through real pics.